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Ali Hadian, a talented Iranian artist, created this great render using Maya and Ornatrix. Ornatrix was used to create the groom and facial hair. Ali kindly shared with us the making of this project and we are happy to bring it to you.

Learn how this setup was performed in the step by step break-down of Ali's creation process.

Serguei Krikalev, a very talented artist from Rio de Janeiro, created another masterpiece in character look and design called "Sweet Girl". Flexing his unique modeling style he utilized Maya. Mari, and Ornatrix to achieve this great result.

Hair, eyelashes, cloth, and boot materials were all create using our upcoming Ornatrix for Maya solution. Read more to see the cool break-down of this work.

Spring Onion Studio created a series of outstanding commercials using Ornatrix and 3dsmax for feathers and fur. This award-winning set of very funny "Doncafe: Good Morning" commercials shows off top notch animation, rendering, and mastery of Ornatrix from the Serbian studio.

Check out more in our mini-article.