Licensing Our Products

As our customer we deeply value your experience with our software. We put a lot of effort into developing the products that you license from us so that they are easy to setup and use. When it comes to copy protection our main belief is that transparency and non-intrusiveness is a key to good customer experience. That is why we have taken a great deal of care to develop a system where the installation and licensing process is nearly fully automated.

Our specially-designed web installer takes care of authorizing your system and making sure that products are properly set up and ready to use for you personally or for your entire studio. There are two basic types of installations- single and network- each of which has its own benefits. You can purchase one or more licenses for a product through our online store. These licenses can then be assigned to your workstations either individually or in a floating configuration throughout your network.

Single Licenses
Single Licensing

Single licensing installs an instance of a product onto a single workstation. The same product will not work on any other workstations and the license will persist on the machine for the lifetime of the product. Should you need to reinstall the software at a future point in time you can easily do so by running the web installer again. Our servers maintain the information about the licenses and will re-install your products on an authorized machine.

If you own more than one license you may wish to install each of those licenses on its own workstation. By choosing the single license install our system will assign each respective workstation where you run the install process its own license and maintain this record for any future maintenance.

Network Licenses
Single Licensing

If you have purchased more than one license you may wish to set up a floating license server. This can be done by choosing the network install option on the project's download page. Network install will choose the machine where the installer is run as the network server and authorize it to run the number of software instances that you have purchased. You will have to manually install software products on your network machines. When you run the products they will request an IP address of the license server. This should be the IP address of the computer where you intially ran the install process.

Please note that network install can only occur on one server on your network, so you should carefully choose the machine from where you download and run our network installer.

License Reset