Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:25 July 2013
+ Added (Request 1521): Ability to undock external graph ports in schematic view and have them as ordinary nodes or dock them back to the graph
* Fixed: Graph internal ports not displaying new name right away after being renamed
* Fixed: Lab thinks it's in demo mode until a plugin is edited for the first time. This caused save issues.
* Template plugins now use the low level tags (position, objectSpace, etc.). The 'modifier' tag is no longer used, modifiers are recoginized by the fact that the primary input and output belong to the same port group
* Fixed: Plugins not reacting to graph changes after they have been loaded from a file
* Node-picking buttons now filter the appropriate object types (thread_1553 on the forum)
* Fixed: Corruption or crash when saving and reloading a polyline plugin
* Patched a crash when a parameter block cannot be retrieved for a Lab plugin. It produces a listener error instead.
* Fix for defect 1874 - UpdateInputsFromPblock did not include the validity of time inputs
* Fixed: Evaluating a graph which has a node with one or more disconnected array element inputs gives errors
* Fixed: Error when serializing a graph which has a node with a disconnected array element input. The error is silent but it corrupts the resulting graph.
* Many internal changes

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)