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Data created:1 August 2013

+ Lab now supports space warp (WSM) plugins!
+ Many nodes now have much friendlier names ("3d Vector" instead of vector3, "3d Polygon Mesh from Indices and Vertices" instead of "Ephere.Geometry.PolygonMesh.create..." etc.)
+ New TriangleMesh3.GetClosestPoint (closest point to mesh) function
* Fixes when adding component inputs which caused errors in past couple of builds
* New icons in various places
* Many other tweaks and improvements listed below

* Fixed: Untemplating a graph does not update port groups with the new meta node errors, potentially causing errors down the line
* Fixed: Errors when changing groups of ports inside a graph loaded from an XML template. All graphs now have their own unique meta node by default instead of using Graph.MetaNode.Default.
* Fixed: Meta assembly entries can now specify titles and descriptions for meta nodes, including meta nodes previously scanned in as a part of an owning type
* Fixed: Errors with port groups when loading a graph from binary templates
+ Added: Ability to specify a user-friendly title for a class, constructor, or a function using square brackets in the summary XML comment portion
* Constructor meta nodes now always carry overloaded parameter information, even if there is a single constructor. This is better since adding new constructors down the line will not change any existing constructor meta node names.
* Fixed: Types scanned indirectly (as a type of another meta node's input or output, for example) do not get title and description attributes parsed from XML comments

* Saving in 3dsmax no longer invalidates inputs. Instead it uses the new Node.SaveBinaryBuffer function to explicitly specify that input values must not be saved.
* Fixed: GetValueTypeAndIntent didn't set FilterSize intent
+ Added: Image for "Add component input" option
* PolylineMesh3.Polyline -> PolylineMesh3.IndexPolyline (similar changes for TriangleMesh3 and PolygonMesh3)
+ Added: Support for force field plugins
* Fix in OutputPortsInPblock::DetermineMainOutputIndex - the intent doesn't have to be 'parameter'

* Only left-clicking will undock graph internal ports, right clicking will do nothing
* Fixed: Rename box location for undocked internal ports nodes appears in the wrong place (sometimes offscreen)
* Fixed: Auto-layout algorithm throws errors when internal ports nodes are undocked
* Fixed: Category list views flicker when they are resized
* Fixed: Pressing Escape key when editing graph input parameters does not cancel current changes
* Changed: Names of dragged out type value and method call nodes now correspond to the output names from which they were dragged out
+ Added: Rename and delete options for external ports and normal nodes. In all cases these menu items now have helpful tooltips.
* Updated working with nodes doc
* Fixed: Node name not redrawn when undoing rename command

* Numerous other fixes too specific to report here

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)