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Data created:12 August 2013
New Force Field (WSM) tutorial videos:



* Fixed: Defect 1925 (texture plugin with a single constant node giving wrong output)
+ Added: Notifications for graph external output renaming
* Fixed: Errors when scanning classes with events
* Removed the multiplication by 0.0001 from the LabForceField template, moved it to Max plugin
* Fixed: Library palette not reappearing when deserializing a CTX file (issue mostly visible in Coden when clicking "Edit Plugin" multiple times)
* Fixed: Multiple schematic graph controls subscribed to the same graph are created during view creation
+ Added: (WIP) Graph controls are reused in XPath view for the same graphs
* Fixed: Setting non-graph or script meta xpath produces errors
* Fixed: Setting string values for complex types through right click menu on inputs now works
* Patch for a library palette defect (error on expanding)
* Patched: Potential issues with formatting dates and decimal values wrong in XML graph templates. This may or may not be the cause of https://ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/max/lab/defect_1923.html
* Numerous documentation fixes
* Internal refactoring

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)