Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:4 September 2013
* Schemaitc view spinner works with System.Byte values
* Fixed: Error not displayed when a plugin was not created due to an error and it is later deleted
* Renamed the first input of LabTexture to uvCoordinate, added 'surfaceSpace' tag to it
* Added support for Vector2/Vector3 default values for inputs
* Caught exceptions in all delegates than get called from the adapters. This prevents the host from crashing when a .NET exception occurs in Coden.
* Fixed: Class and TypeValue ports are incorrect when wrapping a class which implements a multi-derived interface and another interface right after that. The error was caused due to some members appearing twice when scanning a class with Cecil or .NET reflection.
* Fixed: Error when evaluating a class without input connections whose method output is connected to a graph output
* Fixed: Class output member functions now list all class inputs as dependencies (except for TypeValue, where the only dependency is still the TypeValue input)
* Fixed: the Pluggable attribute at class level exposes public static methods and constructors with parameters, not just the class itself
* Fixed: Defect 1959 (constructor node being called many times instead of one in a texture plugin)
* Fixed: Setting values for unconnected inputs of the If node has problems, the values get erased on evaluation
* Fixed: Graph failing during a multi-threaded evaluation still fails after the error is fixed
* Fixed: Sporadic error when connecting to an external graph port
* Modifying inputs of internal graph nodes in LabDeformer plugins sends change notifications
* Reworked save/load code, it didn't work for textures, where the base class MtlBase has bad implementations that are hard to override. Now data is saved and loaded first from the file. Broken load compatibility with scenes saved with older versions
* Disabled the cleaning up of the objects in WrapperRegistry - causes crashes for textures, cannot find out why. Better have leaks than crashes.
* Fixed: host-provided TextureWrapper inputs used to appear in the UI because did not get properly marked as host-provided
* Numerous internal refactoring and changes

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)