Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:18 November 2013
+ Matrix3 contains methods for creating rotation transforms
* Fixed: Xform3 constructor taking rotations does not assign them
* Box2 fields can be modified
* Rectangle2 uses Position instead of Corner to specify translation
+ Added: Rectangle2.Contains( Vector2 )
* (Issue #33) Frame_FormClosed now calls SetFocus on the owner handle, thus bringing the owner back into focus, which for some reason wouldn't happen in some cases
* Fixed: If Lab window is outside of current screen space on load it is brought back
* Class wrapper outputs now always produce unique names
* Source files can only have .cs extension for now, this fixes library trying to load .js files in /bin
* Node.GetOutput allows null/empty name to be passed, in that case it returns the "primary" output port of the node (i.e. the first one, the second one for graphs)
This simplifies client code (MXS mostly).
* Numerous fixes for dealing with XML and binary template IO

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)