Title:Lucid and Pflow bug?
Posted By:nickolay411 ( Nickolay Shchetinkin )
Date Created:28 March 2019



Using the Lucid Geometry operator set to body type rigid produces extremely slow simulations and or failed simulations. Even cannot access thread errors. 

Steps to Reproduce:

Open File. Toggle Lucid Physics. 

I am using pflow to create rigid sim. First toggle seems to work but very slow. Creashes sometimes. If not proceed to

Toggle off lucid. Then turn it back on.  Now it won't sim anymore. 


Attached Files:
Image 1
>LucidTest_Pflow2Rigids.max (757760 bytes),

Max 2019 Build. 

I get a crash because of insufficient memory. I'll try to at least provide a meaningful message in this case, but in the meantime you may try to reduce the number of particles.

Ivan Kolev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

There is a new nightly build of Lucid with some fixes and improvements,

The number of particles and memory usage is again displayed in the viewport (it used to be but was later removed).

If the number of particles exceeds the limit in the middle of a simulation, a message box will appear and the simulation will stop (it used to crash before).

Ivan Kolev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)