Title:Locked Simulation Mode partially broken?
Posted By:jaros ( Martin Niesyto )
Date Created:12 July 2019




the locked simulation mode is not behaving as expected for me (like in the tutorial video). It updates the mesh in the viewport when i change the global flex settings but it is not updating when i change the lucid modifier settings on the mesh object. (btw i use max 2018, lucid [Nightly], geforce gtx 1080 ti)


Steps to Reproduce:

Just play with the lucid modifier settings like cloth (stretch stiffness or bend stiffness) during the locked simulation mode

Does toggling in and out of the locked mode help?

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)


yes, toggling the locked mode off and on again helps but i have to do that everytime i change something in the modifier. Pehaps i should set ON/OFF to a shortcut for now.

I noticed some other things too:

1. When you scroll backwards in the timeline during Locked Sim Mode ON the mesh object behaves pretty random so when i scroll back to frame zero the mesh object looks totally different than at the start of the simulation.

2. During Live Simulation Mode the mesh object behaves totally different than during the other simulation modes. As if it had totally different attributes.

3. Sometimes, especially when you select the Live Sim mode from the dropdown list the ACTIVE/INACTIVE state of the sim icons is broken or flipped. So off is on and on is off.


Thank you for the feedback, I'll need to take a deeper look.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Thank you, too!