Title:Simulation does not save as animation
Posted By:MoonwalkingBaz ( Shahbaz Fazal )
Date Created:8 July 2017



The simulation does not save in the FBX export. The simulation is recorded, 'Show as Particles' is off during the record and the export, The 'cone' has the Lucid modifier, set as liquid.


there is a box underneath the cone, which has the Lucid modifier set to convex and quick segmentation. 

The cone falls into the box and simulates a water drop.  Everything is fine within 3ds Max 2017, but on the export, the animation does not save. No animation is found once the FBX has been imported into Unity.

'Bake Animations' is checked in the file exporter.

Steps to Reproduce:

Hello Shahbaz,

I'm investigating this, I'll get back to you once I get more info. Thank you for the report.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)