Title:Lucid Attachment crashes max when set to use Time Range with a start time above frame zero
Posted By:adamwalkerfilm ( Adam Walker )
Date Created:19 July 2017



When recording a Lucid simulation, 3ds max generates a Application Error once the simulation gets to the frame specified within the attachment's time range: "Start Time" value. 

Steps to Reproduce:

Create two plane primitives adjacent to each other, increasing segments for enough mesh detail.

Add a Edit Mesh modifier to one of the planes and select all vertices.

Set both plane objects as Lucid cloth, then create a Lucid Attachment helper positioned between each plane.

Set the Attachment to use Time Range, set Start Time to 10.

Now press the record simulation button, and once the simulation gets to or just past frame 10, Lucid generates an error which results in a 3ds max application crash.

Hello Adam,

I'm unable to reproduce this bug. Can you please upload your test scene? Even better if you can reproduce this in a simple scene as you described. Thank you.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

With the latest build (11788 [Nightly]) I can reproduce the error but not the crash.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Ok, I was able to reproduce this, we are looking into it right now. Thank you for the report.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

We look forward to seeing if this can be resolved as it would help us tremendously for the pre-roll state of our scene.

We made a fix for nightly build 11804, should be available in a few hours or tomorrow. Please give it a try and let us know if everything works fine.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)