Title:Setting lucid cache path by maxscript doesn't load animation
Posted By:Strob ( Jocelyn Simard )
Date Created:13 November 2017



When I set the path for my caches via maxscript the animation is not loaded. I have to manually click the button and browse for the cache file to make the animation load. I double check that my path was corect and the fur was fixed. I had to click the browse button and pick the exact same file to load the animation. I have 10 fur patcher on my character and it was the same for all the patches.

Steps to Reproduce:

Cache a lucid sim

load the cache via mascript like this

$Gig_scalpArms.modifiers[#Lucid_Modifier].recordDataFilePath = "\\\ANPANMAN\Projets 3D\JOT\JOT_GIGANTO\3dsmax\sceneassets\furCache\\turntable\male 2\Gig_scalpArms.lrd"

the animation will not be loaded even thought the right path is in the path field. Sometime it loaded sometimes not. I still have to pinpoint why sometimes it doesn't load...

I noticed something strange with maxscript: to get the right path I sometime have to double the "\" like in front of another "\" and in front of the letter "t". When I enter the line above my path will be outputed correctly by maxscript like this:



Ok it seems that if I uncheck record data, and then set my path again via maxscript, it will load the animation. Is this normal?

In fact see mother defect I found a way to reproduce and crash max: