Title:Unbalanced BeginChunk in DerivedObject
Posted By:Strob ( Jocelyn Simard )
Date Created:13 November 2017



I have a scene with many lucid objects and each time I try to set my path to the network and then try to save the scene I am getting asserts and other repetitive messagesL "Unbalanced BeginChunk in DerivedObject" I also tried merging my scene in a fresh scene and still the same error..

I sent you my scene by email and I hope you cna find a quick fix cause I'm really stuck and I'm gone have to convince my client that it look better without animated fur... ;_(

Steps to Reproduce:

That error seems to be caused byt the cache path being on the network... with unc path. I can save my scene as long as the path are local but ass soon as I set it on the network I get assert and error. and I get one error popping for each oobject with a unc path. I just tried setting only one lucid to unc and I got only one pop up. I then tried with 2 objects and I got 2 pop up.

So I will have to render that scene the old fashion way of loading it on each slave of my render farm and selecting a batch of frame manually to render locally on each one I guess.. until you can find a fix.

mmmh... I just set everything in local. and I used maxscript to set the path to a local folder. I try to save and again the unbalanced Beginchunk error!!! 

After further testing, as soon as i load those caches, the scene become impossible to save. Be it local or network. As soon as that error pop up that means I lost my work. When I repoen the scene , the layers are gone and sometimes the fur is all gone too.

Thank you for the scene Joce, I will investigate.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Hurray! My hero!! thanks Marsel!

I still have that bug...

If it can help, here is a video showing my show stoper problem:

I was able to save ans start my scene render on the farm finally. I must just avoid loading 3dsmax render preset while there is a lucid cache loaded from disk or it will corrupt the scene and deactivate the cache!

I erased all lucid modifiers and the helped from my scene, I merge my scene in a new scene. I recreated every lucid modifiers and resimulated the scene. I also avoided setting the path via maxscript and just picked the paths manually. And I could save the scene even if the cache was set to a network location. The bug started when I tried loading my render preset. so I reverted to before that moment and I avoided loading the preset and created the preset manually. So the more manual we are the less lucid will crash... But the less we can sleep ;_(