Title:demo files don't behave correctly
Posted By:jokermax ( MA )
Date Created:22 November 2018



Hi, trying the demo version on max2019 and the demo files dont give me the same results as in the demo videos. E.g. softbodies with attachments just go all flat on collision with the ground. Same happens with boxdent file - all objects get flat. Any ideas whats changed?

Thanks in advance


Steps to Reproduce:

Hi Max,

This could be because the demo scenes are build with an older version and we switched to the new nVidia Flex SDK or new versions of Lucid.

Anyways, I will take a look and see if I can rebuild the scenes for current version. Thank you for the report.


Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Hi again, just got latest version - the behavior is better but still not the same as in demo videos.

Using 3dsmax 2019. Almost every scene crashed after a few minutes. All of the examples seem to behave differently than the videos - e.g. boxdent - box doesnt dent, inflatable sphere - blows up into triangles, rod deformation - rod disappears completely, magmaflow scene - magma goes through the collision etc etc. Its literally impossible to learn or evaluate or try to make something useful. It has such a great promise but seems completely broken now.

What is the status of this plugin? should i wait for something new or keep trying?