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Data created:25 April 2016



finally using lucid at work :)    The Show as paticles checkbox gives me flat colored squares.  Is there an optionto see them as shaded cubes/geometry?




Also wondering if you can hold/preserve the vertices of a soft body (not cloth) to its original position and or rotation?



Hi Nickolay,

Which version of Max are you using? The mesh display of particles is only available in 3dsmax 2013+ due to it requiring Nitrous. I don't think I understand the preserve question. Do you mean the initial state?

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)



I'm on max 2014.  Using Nitrious Direct3d 11.0 Feature Level 11 - Nvidia Quadro K4200


As for the second question.  I am just wondering if it's possible to hold a specific section/part of my soft body in it's current position.  


Kind of like how you can preserve/not sim the selected verts in the cloth sim. 

Do you mind posting a screenshot of the particles so I can see the problem?

Thank you for the clarification about fixed particles. At the moment they can only be used with curves, inflated, and cloth (where we have vertices correspond with the mesh). I'll see if we can also support soft and rigid bodies in the future.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Our Work machines cannot access the internet :(

 So here is a photo taken of my screen. You can see the display particles are square flat boxes... Not sure how to make them display as cubes like in your demo videos... 


As for the fixed particles... Maybe they can work the same way you constraint the cloth with gizmos... With options like constraint to world, constrain to node, constrain to collision object, constrain to sim node and so on... 


Thanks Marsel!



Did you mean to attach the image? Or maybe you can send it to me directly by email?

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

yes i meant to attach sorry!

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