animated collision not working

Posted by:nickolay411
Data created:28 April 2016

Hi Marsel,

Any chance you've looked into the particle display issue?  I'm having another issue now. 


I've got a box thats set as water... And I've got a box underneath that with an animated noise. I set it to the animted collision preset.


The water drops onto the box and collides but it doesnt seem to register the animation. Acts like a static collision shape.

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I was able to get animated collision shapes working using the SDF body type and checking Is Dynamic in the signed distance field rollout.  


Is this the correct workflow?




Hi Nickolay,

I gave you the wrong info before. Nitrous (spherical) particles are only displayed in 3dsmax 2015 and newer. Since you're on 2014 it makes sense that it would display dots instead.

SDF with dynamic body type is the only way to have deforming collision geometry within the scene. If you collision object is not deforming (just moves/rotates) then you can also use Convex body type for it.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Agh! Ok.   Thanks for the clarification Marsel.