How to simulate large bodies of water

Posted by:coilbook
Data created:20 May 2016

Hi I noticed lucid is great for small stuff like a glass of water. I can set a resolution to 150 and get "thin" looking water.

But if I got to 1 cubic meter or a bathtub, I am not even talking about a swimming pool then if i set resolution to 120 or so it becomes so slow to simualte.  I guess there is not easy solution/ I can keep resolution at 20 but then water looks "thick"

To get the correct look for water at higher resolutions you need to play with the substeps and iteration parameters too, as well as viscosity and cohesion. To get thinner looking fluids it is generally a good idea to have fewer iterations in the simulation.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)