manual with pictures and videos

Posted by:coilbook
Data created:21 May 2016

I post this in another topic but this is it.  I think any new lucid user would love this.

Example of real flow viscosity comparison

"I found Lucid good for a fast try, but there's a real lack of documentations, impact of each parameter."

We would love to have each global lucid setting have a  very detailed description and have pictures and videos for each setting:

For example Drag 0.0  this happens,  drag 0.5 this happens,   drag 1.0  etc etc

Even after reading manual it is still not clear or we do not see visiable difference in simulation  what is  drag, lift, dissipation, damping, surface, restitution, inertia bias etc etc  when those must be use, why.  are they used for cloths or liquids,  should values be between  0 -1   or they can go upto 100 etc etc

Thank you

I think we'll need to include the ranges and default values indeed. However, some of these parameters are inter-connected. If you hover over 3dsmax spinners you can also get more information on each parameter as a tooltip. I agree that more documentation and sample scenes are needed.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)