Motion Blur with Cloth?

Posted by:Emmanuel
Data created:1 June 2016

Hey guys, been having a lot of fun with this plugin, just had a question, I saw in the docs that you can get motion blur using fluid sims, but how about with cloth ojbects? I'm using Vray, and my lucid object isn't giving me any velocity in the buffer or rendering motion blur. Ive tried making it into an XMesh and Alembic and that didn't seem to work. Thanks again!

Glad you're having fun. Motion blur with cloth should work if the topology isn't changing. Are you using cloth tearing? That would modify the topology.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Yep I am using tearing with cloth, the shot I'm working on is making a head explode with a "pop" kinda like a balloon, the effect looked really good with the cloth tearing but I'm not sure how to do it otherwise, do you have any ideas on a work around to getting motion blur? Also how would I go about adding subframes? Would doubling the timeline and rescaling down the time afterwards work?

Ironically, we have fixed the motion blur for objects which have a changing topology for all renderers except for V-Ray. If you try this in scanline you should get motion blur, for example. I talked to Vlado about this and he said that they cannot support motion blur on objects with changing topology. The only way to scale up the time would be maybe to try and simulate things to be slower and then speed it up, but I don't know if you'd achieve the same effect in the end.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Hmm interesting, I'll try that stuff out, thanks for helping so quickly!