Working with Fluids and deforming objects

Posted by:nildoe
Data created:3 June 2016

Hi Marcel and guys..

Ive been away from lucid in a while so Im a bit rusty...right now im trying to simulate someone throwing mud into another character that will be deforming as well...How can i make the "mud" stick to the 2nd character and deform with him as he moves? is it possible?

So far i managed to do a simple PFlow setup where i have the mud shooting to the 2nd character..but then when the mud hits...the portion of the mud that would normally does not and also does not deform with this 2nd character.



and yes i have set the colliding object as SDF...the particles do an iniitial collision but then they just go thru. as if the object was not there


Edit: Ok i have found the problem, i had forgotten to set "Is Dynamic" now its colliding..but when I press R to make final simulation...max gives me an Assertion Error. and then crashes Max

using max16 BTW.

Thank you for gradually figuring it out :) Do you think you can send me the scene so I can investigate the crash? marsel.khadiyev (at)

Or if you can reproduce the same thing in a new (simpler) scene it would be even better

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

:) Yeah i Gradually figured it out... anyway the whole idea of using actual characters i still didnt go around to test BUT i used this simplescene im sharing here for those issues i mentioned...

if u sim (press R) once it sims..but particles do not stick to the object..this may most likely be a user error, maybe some parameter i still havent discovered the right parameter ..adhesion does not seem to work in this case..

If you press R a second it will ALWAYS Crash with the assertion error

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The error/crash on re-record should be fixed in the next nightly (7727+). I am not sure if particles can stick to SDF objects, need to investigate.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

I just checked and fluid sticks to dynamic SDF when Flex global adhesion parameter set for example to 0.1.