time range inconsistency

Posted by:secondplace
Data created:6 June 2016

custom time range is somewhat inconcistent. if i set the timeline length the simulation will stop even if the custom length goes further. and if i set the custom length but the timeline is shorter it will stop. i think it would make sense if the custom time range would rule over the timeline.

It seems in both cases you mean the same thing: if you set the time range larger than active time line you want it to use the time range instead of active time line? Why is it a problem to set the active timeline to match your time range?

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

i sound like a troll rereading that post. 

i should go to sleep more early instead of playing with lucid in the middle of the night.

maybe the custom setting should edit the timeline if set to a longer range.