Attach something to another end of the rope

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Data created:10 August 2016

Hi we are simulating tow truck hook,  We were able to attach rope's top end to the tow truck arm but the bottom end must have a hook that moves around with the rope.  We cannot get it to work.  Can anyone help?


Thank you

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Hi Marsel

we read your previous post but we just cannot make the hook travel with the rope.  Could you make a simple max sample?


This is wrecking ball effect we are trying to achive


Previous post "

Yes, you should be able to use curve physics. Just add a spline for the rope and throw Lucid Modifier on top. Select one of its end and use Linked Xform to make it being pulled by one object. Then use an attachment object to attach it to the second object.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)



I have fixed the scene:

1. Hook should be a rigid object

2. Lucid Attachment (New Object/Helpers/Lucid/Lucid Attachment) should be placed between the rope and the hook to attach particles

3. And I have increased number of iterations for more stiff rope simulation

The scene file

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Thank you!

I did not even know lucid attachment exists