Ornatrix hair penetrate object in lucid

Posted by:thanulee
Data created:1 October 2016

Hi, i have 2 issues. My ornatrix hair, penetrate my object. What should i crank up? My horse object is collision cause convex is too low res. What can i do abou that?

Also when i move my object and my rigid stiffness in hair is low, they stretch too much.How can i avoid that, but keeping them smooth as well and not stiff?


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Hi Thanos,

Have you tried using show as particles option? If the particles go through your collision object maybe there are some issues with the mesh. Please also try the SDF option for the horse.

To avoid stretching try to bump us the iterations and sub-step values in Flex Settings helper.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Thanks Marsel, i ll give it a closer look, i think itried sdf as well didnt help. The object is not deforming yet anyways. Might be something with the mesh?
Btw when i use show particles, i see only the hair particles but not the horse ones.

What is a generic range of values i can use in substeps and iterations? Cause i noticed that sometimes my sim changes heavily when i bump up those, becones weird.

The collision mesh will not show any particles because it is a mesh. One other thing to check possibly is that the horse mesh has reset xform (no scaling). Scaling is supported, but just in case.

I usually get good results with around 20 for both substeps and iterations. These will affect the simulation but they also make it more accurate and stable at times.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)