Changing collision-objects position

Posted by:mumle
Data created:8 March 2017
I have an animation where i move an inflatable object around and using collision-objects to generate the collisions. Then at a fixed point, im moving my collision-objects, but the simulation does not seem to understand this. What am i doing wrong?
btw, im using the newest stable build

Hello, thank you for the report. Do you mind posting a scene which reproduces the problem please?

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

there you go:

You are using Collision object type which is only for static meshes. You can change the type to Convex and possibly segment your mesh so it works properly. I tried it here and, besides the lid not being segmented properly by default, it works well.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)