Latest build with spline rope anchor issue

Posted by:adamwalkerfilm
Data created:3 July 2018

We have recently updatng to Lucid v1.4.4 and have noticed that spline objects now treat their first vertex as an anchor/fixed point, just like how selected spline verticies fix the object in place. If we "Make First" a different spline vertex it's the same result.

We have tried the latest nightly build which has the issue, then we rolled back versions testing each till v1.4.2 which does not exhibit this behaviour, versions 1.4.3 to 1.4.4 and nightly build 15989 have this issue.

We are using 3DS Max 2017 19.0 Update Commercial.

We would like to know if this change is intended or if this is a bug, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Adam Reed on behalf of AWF.

This appears to be a new default setting with the latest build. Solved by changing under hair properties > Holder Pos, set to 0 was 0.15