Lucid is the plugin every 3ds Max user has been needing for years.

Posted by:michaelwbell
Data created:23 January 2016

Ephere's Lucid is the plugin every 3DS Max user has been needing for years - a fast, powerful and feature-rich unified solver.

As a 3D generalist, I am now able to use Lucid’s many simulation options to quickly create effects and animations that would previously have been impractical with the same time and budget.

I love the "Lucid workflow". It's simple to use and well integrated into 3DS Max with support for spacewarps, the modifier stack & Particle Flow, allowing me to be productive with this plugin after only a few minutes of use.

Despite being a version 1 release, Lucid already delivers a huge toolbox for simulating, manipulating, directing and meshing particles. As well as its integration into Max, it has good 3rd party support - exporting Alembic (geometry), Particle caches and the .prt format so particles can be further rendered, manipulated or meshed using 3rd party tools.

I am finding new ways to utilise this toolbox every day and 3DS Max users across all industries will be able to utilise the Lucid plugin in many different ways.


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Michael Wentworth-Bell


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