Title:Future requests
Posted By:Gregg ( Gregory Glezakos )
Date Created:16 September 2015

Since we don't have a clue about what's coming up in Lucid, I'd like to ask about getting some more functionality regarding aspects of Lucid. Bare in mind, i have no idea if these things are possible, but they would be most welcome, nevertheless...


1. Pins - Ability to lock points or edges of soft/cloth/inflate objects. Soft falloff selection locks would be a huge plus!

2. Constrains - Ability to parent or constrain the soft/cloth/inflate objects to other objects or animations.

3. Infinite emitters - An emitter item that emits fluid, instead of just converting an object to fluid. A Fill Object item would be a big plus!

4. Proper Collisions - Collisions between the various Lucid objects; cloth, soft, inflate, fluids etc. Also, collisions with animated static (kinematic) objects are needed.

The list can get longer, but i guess these things would turn Lucid instantly into a real production tool!


Follow Ups

Thank you for the write up, Greg. I hope as the process moves forward it will become more apparent of what Lucid is capable of and our intentions for it. Your notes do hit very close to our immediate plans.

  1. "Soft falloff selection locks would be a huge plus!" - Could you please elaborate on this? Isn't a point either part of simulation or not? If so, how can it have a soft lock?
  2. Can you explain a bit about Constraints too? I am not sure I understand how one would constrain a simulated cloth object to an animated mesh, for example. I thought this is what vertex/edge/face locking is for?
  3. This one is definitely in the plans along with "terminator" objects and perhaps even some custom way of specifying emmiters and particle life time. I do not understand what you mean by Fill Object, however.
  4. Collisions between Lucid objects are possible at the moment but one needs to increase the number of vertices so that there are more particles generated for each object. One of our plans to address this is to add a way to automatically populate particles on surface without having to modify vertex count. Flex 0.9 also introduced new soft body object type so we will also explore that.

It would be great to get more info in these. They are all doable, however, it would be helpful to prioritirize these features to bring you the most useful ones first.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

1. Soft falloff: Means that instead of pinning one vertex/edge to a 100% rigid value and practically not participating in the deformation process and only act as a sharp pin holder, rather having a falloff range around that point that this rigid value fades out and gradually those points/edges inside that falloff do have some deformation by the cloth and other sims.

2. Constrains: I guess with Constrains i mean having animated Lucid objects simmed while retaining their original animation. For example, having a cloth object fly along a specific animation path, while been simulated as a cloth and not falling over. If we just pin some points and/or parent that cloth to a null that moves along a path, we would not have the same result as the pinned vertices would be very apparent that they are ...pinned and they just pull the cloth along that path. Hope this make sense...

3. Fill object: Scratch that one; it's is achievable right now... :)

4. I could swear that collisions between cloth objects is not possible, even with a very high vertex count per object and very high sim resolution/substeps/iterations.On the same topic, there should be self-collision for the soft/cloth/inflate objects as well, right?


Thanks a lot for the clarifications Greg, and please stay tuned for these to be slowly turned into code :)

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)