Title:simulation time slider
Posted By:ionica ( cristian ioan gutau )
Date Created:16 September 2015

a sim time slider! it's a must for slow-motion bullet efect. 
also all the springs, hinges, motor constraints are a must. 

right now if i select only some vertices and aply cloth, the subselection it's not taken in consideration so no way you can make even a simple flag. only droped ones :) 

also,  i sugest all the request to be gathered in a pined post so one don't need to read all the former posts trying to avoid repost.

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By time slider do you mean the ability to simulate slower than it is right now? Have you tried changing the FPS inside 3dsmax itself? If not please elaborate.

Being able to lock points of cloth is high on our TODO, thank you. I will think about gathering all requests somewhere.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

I'm talking about a time scale modifier so you have the ability to animate the speed of the simulation. ex: a drop falling normal speed and at a certain point you slow the simulation and you make it fast again. if you use time rescale in max every thing is remapped so the simulation is slow but also my camera, etc.. i only need the simulatin to be slowed down so i can move the camera with whatever the speed i need around it.