Title:fluid filling_initial state
Posted By:hankGatewood ( hank gatewood )
Date Created:19 September 2015

self explanatory, but in my case, looking for a way to fill a large shallow pool and drop stuff into it.......I'm trying out the newest version -- no crashes so far, thannks....and the splashing is beautiful with proper scaling / resolution ...... 

also, any realtime viewport nteractivity would be very cool 


thank you

h g



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Hello, thank you for the request, however I do not completely understand what you mean by "initial state"? Can't you add a "box" of water into a "box" pool? I will add a sample scene before next build which will demonstrate this.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

I think I got that term from a maya/bifrost discussion, but I mean like massFx - capture transform - or glu3d - filling / settling --so the simulation either starts with a volume filled with liquid or the sim is run until the obvect is filled then a command is invoked to set sim to start at that state..I've attached a screen shot of an example test scene

thank you,

h g

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Just started playing with Lucid and this thread touches on something I am curious about. The last fluid sims I did was in Max 2013 with Glu3D. And I started testing an initial scene very much like Hank's screen shot. In this case, I presumed to start with a volume of water from geometry primitive set to Water. But when trying to run the simulation I too get the "Lucid simulation failed to initialize" as in the screen shot.


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Do you mind sending me a scene which causes this error during simulation? I want to see if that is also the case for me or not.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

sure, here are some scenes I had trouble with

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>kid5_03.max (20692992 bytes), >testSetup.max (249856 bytes),

max 2016 files

here's another scene - tried to use the animated skin as a deflector - skin mesh disappears - also, the "filling process" is awkward - 

no crashes though



h g

max 2016 units: inches   

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>kid5_jump10x20ftpool01.max (20844544 bytes),

Hi Marsel,

I think what he means by initial state, is a bit like in physx where you can capture the transform of a cloth object (you don't want frame 0 to be a box, but already forces/gravity/wind have takes their toll (and turned the box into a waving flag). You want this to be the starting state of your cloth.

In lucid, if I create 2 boxes, one the container, and one the fluid, I have to simulate for 5 seconds or so to get the water placed and relaxed into the pool. Also You lose a lot of particles due to 'splashes' up the side. It would be good if we could capture any point as our starting state for the animation. So at frame 0 our pool is already conformed to the box container.

Aha, interesting. Now I understand better, thank you for the explanation.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

It would great great to be able to set an itial state for all dynmics, like cloth, rope and inflation. If could have a "settle" feature so it is not part of the cache and then could cache from that "settle" shape or state.


As is you have to manually preroll for the objects too settle and this is not really ideal.


Thanks, great work.