Title:Auto balancing of quality settings
Posted By:tobbeo ( Tobbe Olsson )
Date Created:19 September 2015

I've noticed that when simulating that depending on the mesh density of your objects, different resolutions work well. Higher resolution doesn't always mean a better/more accurate simulation. I get lots of interpenetration of inflated objects at high resolutions on a couple of cylinders bouncing against each other (plus it's slow) but if I lower the resolution it runs much faster and they don't interpenetrate. 
I figure this is because resolution determines both the voxel spacing and the particle size so particles will miss each other if they get too small. So an option to auto distribute physics particles on meshes that is linked to the resolution I think would solve this, correct? The higher the resolution you use the more particles you need otherwise low poly objects don't interact well with soft/cloth at higher resolution (and you often have a mix of low and high poly objects).