Title:Initial glue radius + misc
Posted By:tobbeo ( Tobbe Olsson )
Date Created:25 September 2015

A few options that would be really nice:

If you have a bunch of objects stuck together, it would be great if until they are hit by another object that they would be glued together. Maybe an activate by collision object (or force once you add Spacewarp support)?

If Pflow support got a bit deeper, I guess this would be redundant as we could set events in pflow. I am thinking for destruction scenes.

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This is something I've been thinking about too. Basically being able to attach two objects together by selecting respective vertices between them and making Lucid create joints between these vertices with specific properties. Then there's also cohesion which can make particles stick together so you could have two particles start out glued to each other if they touch.

I think of PFlow as being useful more for fluids. If you had two pieces of cloth stuck together, or a cloth stuck to a mesh, I can't think of handling this scenario with PFlow.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

I see your point. Some kind of easily managable constraint system that can be broken I feel is the most important part, if someone can't come up with a great reason to make it Pflow then I'm interested in what you come up with.

I realized now with the Pflow implementation of Lucid liquids, I can write out many partitions of the same simulation with different seed for where the particles spawn. So theoretically I should be able to make very, very high resolution sims but be able to quickly see how it behaves with just a few. I do need to test if the velocity channel comes across when saving to PRTs. Not sure how I would do foam but maybe I can come up with some trick, otherwise I'll be back with another request! I guess one way would be if you could spawn two liquids with one that has less density so it rises to the top and becomes bubbles/foam (it would also need an age parameter so it can die).

There are "diffuse" particles that get spawned by Flex specifically to simulate foam. I yet have to wrap my head around how to add these into PFlow simulation. I suppose a separate birth action which talks to the main action would be the way to go.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

So much potential. I know we're asking for the moon right now and it's early days still but I'm excited when all these features start making it in. The speed is most definitely very impressive right now.