Title:Visualize collision mesh size and save as particles.
Posted By:betamax ( Max Taylor )
Date Created:2 October 2015

Great work on the plugin so far! I tried the new release earlier...


So far it has been very promising. Amongst other things, I would really like to be able to visualize the collision shape/size of the particles, a single slider value provides little feedback when trying to understand complex simulations.

Also, are there plans to be able to use the particle data in other ways? To have the ability to cache to a file or export particles for use with other meshers like Frost or for use with SkinWrap Modifier, Krakatoa or PFlow would be even more amazing.



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Hi Max,

Thank you for showing us your results so far. Could you please elaborate what you mean by visualizing the collision shapes? If you are using P-Flow you can use the display mesh and set appropriate radius to see the result. Or do you mean that we currently do not automatically set this radius for PFlow?

Otherwise, in Lucid Modifier, you can check "Display as Particles" option to be able to see the collision particles. In Lucid all collision shapes are spherical particles.

We do have plans to be able to cache out recorded data, right now it is only saved with the scene. We will also need to explore better interop with Krakatoa and Frost. I want to add our own mesher which will be able to work with PFlow as well.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)


Thanks for the reply. Having used the Pflow operator a lot more, I now realise that as you say I could just use the display mesh to visualise the 'collision mesh', sorry for that.

At the moment, the Lucid Flex Physics controls seem very sensitive with PFlow (for example: increasing Cohesion value by just '.01' can dramtically change the simulation.) I am using metric scene scale.

Also, do the drag and lift values affect PFlow sims? They seem to have little or no effect at the moment. Perhaps it's worth seperating or marking values that directly affect Pflow VS geometry sims?



Hi Max,

Yes all PFlow forces should have an effect however it might be limited if you have the velocity limit checkbox enabled (by default) in global flex settings.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)