Title:resolution - should be local, not global
Posted By:uncel ( Tomasz Dyrduła )
Date Created:15 October 2015

hey, i've been playing a little with lucid, and first thing i came out is that the resolution has to be per object.
for example, for rigid bodies im ok with fairly low resolution, yet for soft bodies or liquid it requires little higher one :)

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I agree...

The whole Flex Settings options, should be available inside the Lucid modifier as Multiplier entries to act on a per object case, of any given global Flex settings the scene might have...

Or, completely move the "Physics", "Scale", Collision" from Flex Settings, into the Lucid modifier adding a multiplier only for the Forces (Gravity, Wind or any future forces)...

Then, we could mix easily water with oil, or having cloths with different drag forces and frictions.




While some of this is possible (different resolutions) other parameters are indeed global. For example, particle radius and cohesion are global paramaters in current Flex implementation so there's no use making them per-object. We can, however, make the resolution per-object which would just space the particles apart using a multiplier like Greg suggested.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)