Title:flex 1.0 available
Posted By:nickolay411 ( Nickolay Shchetinkin )
Date Created:18 March 2016

Hi guys,


Sorry I haven't been around to partake in the flex community. This plugin is coming along nicely. I bought a copy but I haven't even been able to install it yet as I've been so damn slammed at work.  I've also put in a request for Encore to buy license or two. That should give me acess to it at work relativley soon.  


Anway flex 1.0 sdk is out!


Looking forward to the future!


Follow Ups

Thank you for the heads up on the new version, we'll be updating it for the next build. Also, thank you for the request to Encore, much appreciated!

I hope you can get to use Lucid more in your work.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)