Title:delaunay subdivision modifier
Posted By:secondplace ( Nick Zimmermann )
Date Created:6 June 2016

this feature request reaches a bit further.

i have been playing with different topologies to get specific results. amongs the most interesting was delaunay subdivision. it is present in 3dsmax nurbs but is is very inconvenient to apply to existing meshes. and a lot of manual work applies depending on the situation.

in my opinion it is very closely related to physics simulation and would be worth to have in combination with lucid. 

attached are two examples. the ability to have a more dense mesh along edges is important.

if anybody knows of something like already existing please post it here.


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Sounds like there should be some scripts out there that can do this triangulation. I haven't checked but it seems like something other people would run into a lot.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

you might have noticed google being really slow last week, that was me searching for a delaunay script.