Title:more rigid materials
Posted By:mumle ( Anders Langhoff )
Date Created:14 July 2016

Been fooling around with it for 2 days now (the cloth-part). and one thing i'm missing when comparing it to the built-in cloth-sim in max, is the different materials and how they behave. You can tweak and adjust some of the way with damping and drag, but that will work against you in other ways. Right now it seems like the materials behave like latex.

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Have you tried playing with the vertex count on the mesh (tesselating it, for example)? Also, have you changed sub-step and iteration counts? These can have a big effect on the behavior. More sub-steps will ensure there is little (if any) stretching, which should prevent the rubbery look.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

I have tried playing around with those, but dont feel it get the desired result.

What I want to do is to take a flat plane, lock eg. 4 vertices, start sim and the material will bend a little, but mostly keep its flat shape. When something touches it, it will fold and react and then unfold to same position again.