Title:Separate FleX solvers in one scene
Posted By:serpin ( Serpin )
Date Created:27 August 2016

From the FleX SDK manual:

Although Flex allows you to combine effects in one solver it often makes sense to create a separate solver for each type of effect. For example, if you have a scene with clothing and fluids, but they don’t need to interact, you may have one solver for each. This approach provides more flexibility when setting parameters.

Make sense, Right now you have to sim fluid, cache it to say alembic, then sim softbodies in another scene, then cache, then sim cloth in a third project file and only then can you combine the three caches into one.

An ability to create separate solvers would be very cool. I mean it's so easy to do using the API...

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Good idea, thank you for the suggestion, we will review it

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)