Title:Improving Lucid?
Posted By:alexvxolox ( alexxolox )
Date Created:13 November 2018

Hello guys. I dunno if you're still develop this software?
If yes - there's a lot of bug/missing features, that blocks me from buying it.
I'm talking about 3ds max version of it, i'm not sure about other versions.

Here it is:
1) You can't attach "soft body" object, to a different object anyhow. You can just "drop" that object. Seems like a bug/missing thing to me, because we've got "preserve initial velocity" and "use soft selection" for geometry changes checkboxes, but these options doesn't affect anyhow - the object just falls down, without being attached.
2) There's no option to control time-scale of the simulation. You can only control "baked" animation, which makes no sense at all - since all other objects in the scene moves at default speed.
3) Integration with PF source is very weak - Liquid is behaving really strange (not like regular "sphere" with applyed water preset, for example). I think mostly because of the original PF Source system. If you're trying to create a fountain - particles can fly in completely random directions (especially, if the emitter polygon is small). Also - sometimes i can't even control the speed of the particles flying out - it just always shoots out with a pretty big speed.

Honestly - i don't really care about 3 , but the first 2 points are really important, and they should be fixed, especially with this price tag.
It's a shame that is literally ZERO good soft-body plugins for 3ds max, and even here - it's bugged and not working. And it's really a good chance to finally creating a nice soft-body simulation, so you can attach it to objects/bones and so on.

Hope you can improve this things. If you can - i'll buy a license a for sure, thanks.

Follow Ups

Hi Alex,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Yes, Lucid is still under development, we are looking forward to improve it, fixing bugs and adding new features.

We are looking into your comments, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for the report.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Ok, it's great to hear that!
Here's a bit more suggestions:

- It's going to be great, to have possibility to "animate" as much physical settings, as possible. For example - animate soft body stiffness parameter, and so on...

- Adjustable "samples" parameter, for physical objects. Just like it was made in 3ds max "Flex" modifier - it's hard to explain, but i'm sure you guys know about this. In short - the lower the samples number - the "slower" this object deforms.

- Supporting built-in "Space warps" - gravity, drag, wind?