Title:Hair from Mesh Crash with 6_62.5.20723
Posted By:tredistudio ( Andrea Bertaccini )
Date Created:11 September 2019




I work with 3dsMax, 2018 (and now 2020)

I have a scene in 3dsmax and Corona Render that works perfect till the patch 6-1-7-19437

I installed the Ornatrix_3dsmax_2018_6_6.2.5.20723 (and the Ornatrix_3dsmax_2020_6_6.2.5.20723) and I started to have a problem with the hair generated from some mesh.

The Hir generated from spline work perfect, but as soon I turn on the face fur (generated fron an instance of the face mesh, the program crash.

I tried on both version of max 2020 and 2018, but the resul was the same, so I unistalled the new verion of Ornatrix and reinstalled the 6-1-7-19437 and all work perfect.

waiting for your feedback

Thanks and best regards

Steps to Reproduce:
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