Title:Possible bug with hair shadows/instancing
Posted By:Vincit ( Nareg Kalenderian )
Date Created:30 March 2014





Do this ( using vray render):

1- create a sphere.

2 - apply ornatrx hair "add hair to selection"

3 - apply "render settings" and "vray ornatrix" modifiers on the hair

4 - create any light source 

5 - select hair object and clone instance.

6 - hide original hair object.

7 - right click cloned hair object and uncheck "visible to camera"

8- render... (renders correctly as it should no hair visible but shadows of the hair are casting onto the sphere)

9 - close the renderer and without touching anything hit the render again ( shadows are gone!)

hit render again and they'll be back again and so on...

(note: if the cloned object is not an instance it works correctly, it seems to be happening on cloned instances only)


Steps to Reproduce:

I would also like to add:


Does the vray light exclude option work proeprly with ornatrix hair at all? I seem to be having trouble excluding hair form either illumination or shadow or even both.

Thanks again.


Howdy Vincit,

I can reproduce this here. We will have a look at a fix shortly.



I can also confirm the issue with Exlude and Vray.



In regards to the exclude/include lights with hair.  I think this might be a V-ray Hair material issue.  I recall trying this with standard hair & fur and having the same problem(using V-Ray 2.40).  Any idea if this has been fixed with V-ray 3.0?

Hello EOjong

My posts here are all being rendered with vray 3.0, and i don't recall using any hair shaders to reproduce the defect.

Best regards,