Title:Multiple Starnds
Posted By:magilla ( Cam Crichton )
Date Created:26 March 2017



Multiple Strands shouldn't move the root away from the surface of the emitting mesh. Translating in xyz shouldn't be in world or object space but should be constrained by the surface geometry to avoid floating hairs.

Steps to Reproduce:

apply multiple strands to a groom; set Spread, Fluff or Shift root values to > 0

Notice the root is no longer emitting from the geometry.

YES,  I also need the hair root can along the mesh surface.

Hi Cam,

This is not a deffect, this is how the Multiplier modifier works. This mod is designed to multriply the hair growing from the same root, but we are thinking in a way to ground the hair as you suggest, this could be a good adition. Thank you for the feedback. 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)