Title:possibly bug : hair strips from an ornatrix system with "mesh from strands" on top works only in viewport
Posted By:cinci ( )
Date Created:27 April 2017



max: 2017 sp3 update 1

vray: 3.5.03


if i create an ornatrix system like "hair strips" over another ornatrix system with "mesh from strands" modifier on top, it seems to works only in viewport but not in render .

in both vray and scanline

i have to build a bird with fur on feathers like characters in "angry birds the movie"


Steps to Reproduce:

1. create an object like a sphere with ornatrix feather system

2. create an ornatrix "hair strips" object

3. add the feather obj in "hair strips objects" panel

4. all seems to work in viewport, but nothing appears in render

5. if i collapse the feather obj in an editable poly one, all works

Hi Cinci, confirmed! Thank you for the report. We'll look into this ASAP.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Hi Cinci,

Aparently what is causing this issue is the Camera Facing Billboards option in the Mesh From Strands modifier of the Feathers.

From Ivan:

"With this option enabled the modifier sends a change notification when rendering begins (because the viewpoint will change), the Hair Strips object picks it and deletes the generated hair. And it doesn't get re-built later.

Mesh From Strands actually has a workaround for this when used in "Guide Mesh mode" and doesn't calculate the billboard. So to make hair appear in the rendered image either "Camera Facing Billboards" must be disabled, or "Export Guide Mesh Data" must be enabled. I suppose the first one is more correct, because you don't want feathers to auto-face the camera."

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)