Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:26 November 2011
* Frizz modifier map now acts as a multiplier for the frizz amount value
* Fixed: Hair cluster modifier could only cluster 32,000 hairs Max
* Hair cluster modifier now resets cached data when clusters are regenerated
* Hair clustering modifier now caches dense hair clusters during first render for consistency
* Fixed: Issue in 3dsmax 2010 where ground strands would provide invalid coordinates for the last strand
* Fixed crash when using phase map in strand curling modifier
* Fixed edit guides not editing newly added roots
* Fixed Ground strands rendering and motion blur lack of update issue
* Fixed BBHair not updating during render if all objects are hidden
* Fixed brush not being displayed in Nitrous mode
* Fixed hair not displaying with Nitrous mode
+ Added option to specify look-at camera for billboard hair in mesh from strands modifier
* Fixed ground strands flipping strands error
+ Added option to only consider strand roots to ground strands modifier
* Fixed a crash in mesh from strands modifier when no render data is attached (non-null pointers to diagram info and thickness map)
* Fixed hair rendering problems caused due to unitialized OrnaSurfDep group member when using "Remember Positions" option in hair from guides

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)