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Data created:11 May 2015
+ MassFX hair dynamics now supports deforming/animated collision meshes
+ Install and authorization process overhaul. Using MSI installers from now on.
+ Added: Rotate Strands modifier which allows specifying parametric twist of guide or hairs respective to their stem. This can be used with Mesh from Strands or Propagation modifier and with all future modifiers using strand twisting.
+ Added: Edit Guides "rotate" strands button, allowing a visual way to specify twisting of one or many strands inside the viewport.
+ "Adopt from Stack" button in Ox Edit Guides modifier now works if Edit Spline modifier is applied to the top of the modifier stack
+ All appropriate maps in Ornatrix modifiers now have an Invert option
+ Frizz modifier improvements. Frizz is now unformly applied throughout each strand and more intuitively controlled with a curve. Backward compatibility with previously saved scenes is preserved.
+ Undo/redo now works in all curve graphs
+ Render settings curve graph can now be panned
+ Ox Mesh from Strand modifier billboard UVs should respect strand thickness, provide more intuitive texture mapping
+ MaxScript and SDK exposure of current Ornatrix version information
* Fixed: Gravity modifier on load and when value is set to 0
* Fixed: Changing guide count after root modifications in Ox Edit Guides modifier and sunsequent brushing of guides
* Fixed: Periodic crash when creating then deleting Edit Guides root data

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

So cool ! MassFX with deformations ! That mean we can now have skinned characters interacting with ornatrix hair, Am i right ?

thank you so much for this great improvement !

I have just a problem: download links are not available at this time... Maybe later today...


See you !

Thank you and yes, skinned characters can now be used but please bear in mind that the solution is not perfect and will likely need testing, this is a first beta build. There were issues with deployment so I turned off the link. We are working on it and it should be up shortly. This is the first of many V4 beta builds to come.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Marsel, Thanks again for the constant updates and all your and your team's hard work!

Just a few points to throw out there,

1 -Regarding MassFx, since it was mentioned, it is in itself a flawed system, this has nothing to do with ornatrix, when it comes to production characters and hair (especially long or mid length) generally speaking unless it is a very specific less complicated situation, mass fx has yet to deliver a stable and somewhat predictable result(s), we use cloth here instead, and even with the more stable solutions of cloth based dynamics we find ourselves constantly running into issues on more complicated setups, I guess the best solution while understandably demands more time to implement, is to have a unique ornatrix dynamic system in the future built specifically for hair :), this in combination with cloth driven hair in certain cases such as braids, or tied hair, would be an ideal system.

2 - Having mentioned cloth above is it possible to include "radius" and "Width" parameters for mesh for strands flat billboard and prismatic options respectively, not sure if this was implemented in later versions since i'm still using version and i can't find these parameters in the stack, this would help setup cloth sims better without altering the width manually over the mesh.

3 - This last bit i guess may require coordination with Chaosgroup guys, It will be great to havea shader map for ornatrix fully compatible with vray hair shader to allow for quick setups of "hue color variations" as well as tip to root color variations? since currently its a lot of guesswork and constant renders with long custom setups with gradients and noise maps just to get the basics working.

Take care,


Thank you for the kind words.

1. Agreed, this would be an ideal long term solution. Meanwhile we will try our best to make MassFX support usable for basic simulations while leaving the option of going the cloth route for more complex scenarios.

2. Have you tried adding "Ox Render Settings" modifier below Ox Mesh From Strands? Or maybe I mis-understood the issue?

3. There is an Ox Hair map which can do what you say although we haven't tested it with VRay much I think. If it is not working I will try to bug Vlado about this :)

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Thank you Marsel for the quck reply,

2 - Yes I stand corrected render settings below Ox mesh strands does the trick.

3 - I just recently did a quick test with Ox hair map again with the latest vray nightly build, seems to me that the hue variation is working but the tip and root are not, but this may not be a big issues  now since i can combine vray hair map with OX to get the tip root working while OX map will provide variation, I'm not sure if all this is stable yet since just a  few versions back of vray 3 i couldn't use this map at all, they may have made some recent changes, plus need to see this with moving hair and animation renders on more scenes to verify.

Thanks again though for the tip it is well noted this time.

Take care.




I just wanted to try out this beta build as we were having some issues with previous one and latests V-Ray RT CUDA, but it's giving me some license errors. Shouldn't the beta work with V3 lic for now ?

I'm not able to edit anything, but the scene that kept crashing is now rendering nicely. 



Hi Tomasz,

Please check your email.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)


Thank you for the new version.

Sorry for a basic question like this.

I've recently installed v4.0.1, over already installed v3(latest build).

Now getting no license for this product error 











This seems to be a common issue, I will try to automate the solution for the next build. Try going to Windows Local Services dialog and stopping "Ephere License Server" service. Then use V4 again and it should give you an "Assign License" option.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for the response.

I did this. Stopped the ephere license server. re-Installed v4 again with max closed. Installed selection change and also with repair.

Opened up max the service was already stopped.

Added sphere, applied add hair to selection. A dialogue box apeard said. Connect (Button)

Underneath that it said All your licenses are assigned.  I press connect dialog disappeared and apeared again asking the same thing.

So I started the service manually. Go back to max. Pressed the connect button for a last time. Then the dialog dissapead and gave an error No license for this product.










You need to release your current license, please drop me an email (marsel.khadiyev (at) ephere.com) if you don't know how to do it through the site.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Solved the issue uninstalling all older ornatrix installs. restarting and re installing the newest v4.0.1