Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:9 June 2015
+ Added: Installer support for 3dsmax Design version
+ Added: Per-strip hair distribution control for HairFromMeshStripsObject
+ Added: Per-strip hair volume diagram control for HairFromMeshStripsObject
+ Added: Multiple more curve controls can now be pannel with middle mouse button
+ Added: Thread pooling and better thread management to speed up all multi-threaded/parallel code
+ Added: If license was assigned to current computer it is now offered to be reinstalled via licensing dialog
* Fixed: Major Edit Guides save/reload problem introduced in 4.0.1
* Fixed: Added the PhysX DLL's to the new installations for Max versions before 2013
* Fixed: Allow zero hair per strip for HairFromMeshStrips object
* Fixed: Report error if load faild for HairFromMeshStrips object
* Fixed: High CPU usage regression in HairFromMeshStrips object
* Fixed: Correctly update hair if per-strip distribution method changed for HairFromMeshStrips object
* Fixed: Clone correctly per-strip parameters for HairFromMeshStrips object
* Fixed: Change correctly per-strip parameters for HairFromMeshStrips object on scenes merge/xref
* Fixed: Edit Guide vertex data editing and scene reloading causes a crash

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)