Ornatrix 3dsmax V7 is out

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Data created:4 November 2020
Version 7 of your favorite grooming plugin for 3dsmax is here after two years of active development and beta testing. This update builds on already top-of-the-line Ornatrix 3dsmax V6 to bring you new features, increase performance, and improve usability and productivity.

It's easy to upgrade your existing license, and for the first time we've also added rental options.

New features

  • Edit Guides <ul> <li>Change Tracking
  • Create Brush
  • Delete Brush
  • Draw strands
  • Edit Guides amount value applies to strand deletions and creations
  • Edit Guides can be applied directly onto a surface mesh
  • Surface Comb Triangulation mode
  • Hair from Guides Strand groups can be used as hair parts
  • Guide proximity mode in Hair from Guides on by default, barycentric interpolation on by default
  • Arnold Render Strand channel export
  • Clump hair editing tool uses hair selection overlay for displaying selected clump hairs
  • Improved sub-clumping
  • Frizz Preserve Length option
  • Animation Cache Start and End recording options
  • Ground <Added "Ground closest end" parameter
  • Noise modifier : Quickly animate basic procedural hair movement, or just add randomness to hair shape
  • Smooth Surface modifier : Use OpenSubDiv to dynamically subdivide base mesh
  • Transfer Normals modifier : Copy normals of base surface onto hair
  • Reduced storage requirements for hair surface dependencies, allows faster work with polygonal base meshes and smaller memory usage
  • Strand group patterns : Use a pattern to filter operators for a range of strand groups when needed, instead of a single strand group
  • Strand group blending : Blend between strand groups in various operators
  • Multiple hair strand groups: a single strand can now belong to multiple strand groups, allowing a greater control over various effects.
  • USD (Universal Scene Description) hair curve export
  • Viewport Display <ul> <li>Significant speed increases in viewport hair rendering
  • Hair overlay colors show strand groups, channel values, and selection directly on hair with custom saturation
  • Modifier baking


If you purchased Ornatrix 3dsmax V6 within past 6 months (or after May 1, 2020) you get a free upgrade to this new version! Please log in to make sure your automatic upgrade was completed successfully.
All existing Ornatrix license owners get a 50% upgrade discount if purchased before December 15, 2020. After this date the upgrade discount will drop to 25% perpetually. The upgrade discount is automatically applied to perpetual licenses once you log into your account. Upgrade discount doesn't apply to rented licenses.

Rental Licenses

As of V7 you may now rent licenses on monthly, biannual, or annual basis. See the purchase page for more information and pricing.

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Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)