Ornatrix V4 is released

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Data created:16 November 2015

After more than 10 months of development and rigorous beta testing we are proud to present Ornatrix V4 for 3dsmax!

Our pipeline-friendly hair modeling, animation, and rendering software redefines the truly artist-friendly tool.

Set up character hair in minutes with intuitive placement and brushing controls. Play around with a set of procedural hair operators and presets to refine the style of your groom. Use our simulation tools which work tightly with 3dsmax animation pipeline to control the movement of hair. Finally, render out your masterpieces using your preferred rendering solution: Ornatrix supports all of them.

Version 4 brings better performance, improved brushing tools, updated dynamics, a new preset system, and a slew of other features to the table.

Ornatrix V4 Flyer

Here is the full change list from Ornatrix V3:

  • New: Ability to pan/zoom in a graph/curve editors
  • New: All graph/curve editors now support undo/redo
  • New: Mesh from strand billboard UVs now respects strand thickness
  • New: Rotation attribute data for hair
  • New: New Grooms feature (XML format for defining hair presets)
  • New: Added support for NURBS curves to Ox Guides from Shape modifier
  • New: Added option to ground strands modifier to control which strand components are affected
  • New: Deforming collision meshes are now supported in PhysX dynamics
  • New: Nearly all maps used in Ornatrix now have an invert option
  • New: Switched to new MSI based installers for easier distribution and deployment of Ornatrix
  • New: SDK and Maxscript access to Ornatrix version information
  • New: Multiple hairs per follicle using new Strand Multiplier modifier
  • New: Hair from Mesh Strips now allows "fanning" hairs perpendicular to strip surface
  • New: Show named selection sets for sub-object in Edit Guides
  • New: Installer now offers options to install for 3dsmax Design
  • New: Add support for varying hair strip parameters
  • New: All points in curve editors can be moved and deleted
  • New: Ability to specify install locations for specific components using new installer
  • New: Z-up, Y-up, or X-up orientation export for Alembic
  • New: Added an option for Alembic exporter to export render version of hairs
  • New: Added an option to export Alembic objects each to their own file
  • New: Allow user to specify the maximum number of hairs in viewport preview which face cameras
  • New: Converted all "Invert" map checkboxes into image buttons
  • New: Surface brushing performance and functionality is improved
  • New: GUI improvements with real-time feedback of brush strength and size in modify panel
  • New: Pull brush for straightening out hairs
  • New: Ability to lock surface brush through modify panel, without having to press Ctrl key
  • New: Added a label in EditGuidesModifier to show current guide selection
  • New: Improved performance of GroundStrandsModifier grounding
  • New: Icons for multiple Ornatrix operators
  • New: 3dsmax 2016 support
  • New: Quick hair button now adds VRayOrnatrixMod if renderer is V-Ray RT
  • New: Add ability for .oxgroom files to store and display a thumbnail
  • Fix: Flickering in root moving and grooming and bad root interpolation
  • Fix: Edit Spline not working with Adopt from Stack
  • Fix: Frizz not working as expected
  • Fix: Crash when creating then deleting Edit Guides root data
  • Fix: Proxy meshes are being deformed incorrectly
  • Fix: Frizz modifier amount map is not working as expected
  • Fix: Issues with gravity modifier. Lost curve after saving and loading scene
  • Fix: Index out of range after changing root count and using Edit Guides modifier
  • Fix: HairFromMeshStripsObject is not updated in the scene view with animated parameters
  • Fix: Strand propogation modifier freeze
  • Fix: Guides on spline crash
  • Fix: Edit gudies crash
  • Fix: Strip selection in Hair from mesh strips object is not updated correctly in Wireframe scene view
  • Fix: Symmetry modifier plane vector is not draw correctly in some positions
  • Fix: Length modifier randomize seed is not working
  • Fix: Failed asserting at Matrix::LookAt
  • Fix: Edit Guides loading error (binary I/O) and crash
  • Fix: Customer-reported issue with the new Strand Multiplier modifier
  • Fix: Hair clustering modifier produces different clusters in viewport on each run
  • Fix: Frizz diagram crash
  • Fix: "Hair from mesh strips" and "strand multiplier" GUI is gone
  • Fix: Edit Guides plant root crash reported by customer
  • Fix: Ornatrix Script Error on CAT bones
  • Fix: Crash rendering Mesh from Strands with V-Ray without UV coordinates
  • Fix: Ornatrix toolbar does not get installed
  • Fix: Alembic export crashes when trying to export multiple objects
  • Fix: Ornatrix HairLength map modifier broken
  • Fix: Error in GuideDelta when deleting roots in user-provided scene
  • Fix: Last point of hair clustering diagram is not editable
  • Fix: Issues with Edit Guides corruption on scene save
  • Fix: After recent merge Hair from Mesh Strips diagram broken again
  • Fix: VRay distance texture does not work with distribution maps
  • Fix: Detail modifier not smoothing interpolated strands
  • Fix: Dynamics diagram editor works very unreliable
  • Fix: Toolbar is not installed for non-English versions of Max
  • Fix: Crash when changing strand point count before ground strands modifier
  • Fix: Crash when ground strands distribution object is deleted and scene reloaded
  • Fix: Saving and re-loading Wikihuman "digital Emily" model does not preserve guides shape
  • Fix: Hair clustering modifier is not applied when rendering
  • Fix: If scene has two objects with same name Alembic export crashes
  • Fix: Install (copy) groom templates into /plugcfg/Ornatrix/Grooms
  • Fix: Ornatrix dynamics exception and inability to simulate
  • Fix: Crash with caching of hair from guides modifier used as guides for another hair from guides modifier
  • Fix: Installer does not install grooms into correct directory on some versions of 3dsmax
  • Fix: Alembic exporter does not export animation for guides with ground strands modifier
  • Fix: Icons in create groom dialog are not well aligned
  • Fix: Generate groom dialog GUI cleanup
  • Fix: Generate groom dialog switch to Qt
  • Fix: Implement groom dialog filters
  • Fix: Crash when undo after editing frizz diagram
  • Fix: Diagram modification undo is not work for Dynamic modifier
  • Fix: PropagationModifier diagrams do not render correctly
  • Fix: Curve diagram in hair from strips, strands multiplier not redrawing when panned
  • Fix: Installer throws an exception when trying to execute the AddToolbar action
  • Fix: Failed assert/crash probably from GroundStrandsModifier
  • Fix: Assertion failed if GroundStrandsModifier applied for mesh with degenerate triangle
  • Fix: Calling Logger::Instance.Log from different threads causes deadlock in Ornatrix for Max
  • Fix: Alembic hair export hair width incorrect when loaded with V-Ray proxy object
  • Fix: Groom dialog item names should use more friendly format
  • Fix: Generate toolbar icons from SVG files
  • Fix: Guide clustering modifier maps do not work
  • Fix: Replace ANN library with a more modern alternative
  • Fix: Installer only installs toolbar for first version it encounters
  • Fix: Mesh from strands produces noisy tips for flat proxy meshes
  • Fix: Add hair menu option in non-QT Max (2013 and below) does nothing
  • Fix: Installer problem when batch installing on network drives
  • Fix: Unwanted guides/hairs get planted when sub-selection option is on
  • Fix: Comb brush works incorrectly in orthographic views
  • Fix: Crash when opening our bat sample scene
  • Fix: Hair is always displayed black in Nitrous viewport
  • Fix: "View polygon hair" global setting does not survive 3dsmax restart
  • Fix: "Remember" button in Guides from Mesh Object does nothing
  • Fix: Rotate strands modifier does not use map and channel multipliers if orient based on strand is on
  • Fix: Rotate strands map does not produce real-time feedback when using color picker in medit
  • Fix: Push away from surface option in edit guides produces incorrect results
  • Fix: Viewport and render normals are facing the wrong way
  • Fix: Adding surface comb sink to a face and reducing mesh face count causes a crash
  • Fix: Crash adding Detail modifier on top of HairFromMeshStrips object
  • Fix: Crash when changing strand clustering twist value to a small value
  • Fix: Default feathers groom is not working
  • Fix: About box should indicate demonstration version somewhere

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Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)

Impressive set of enhancements and fixes!!



Thank you!

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)