Ornatrix 3dsmax V6 is out!

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Data created:7 January 2019

Version 6 of our ultimate hair, fur, and feather solution for 3dsmax is here after a year of beta testing. We have reworked the base of Ornatrix to bring more speed, added a basket of new features, and improved many of the commonly used tools and operators to bring you the grooming workflow you can count on.

Edit and isolate final hairs, simulate complex hair movement with our new Moov dynamics system, move things within your pipeline with ease with our expanded Alembic workflow, bake and modify your hair procedurally by adopting external guides, and do much more with your grooms today!

A quick glimpse of new features:

  • New optimized viewport hair rendering, bringing up to 4x editing FPS speed up over V5
  • New Moov Hair physics provides a whole new powerful way to simulate any type of hair, complex or simple
  • New Harmonic Oscillator modifier provides a quick and easy real-time way of simulating basic fur and hair dynamics
  • New Normalize modifier to fix intersecting hairs
  • New Clumping modifier with powerful features like per-clump management and clump patterns
  • New Braid object for usage together with clumping to generate braids
  • New Push Away From Surface modifier for accurate surface penetration fixing
  • New Resolve Collisions modifier to robustly keep hair away from an object, with animation controls.
  • New Change Width modifier with better way of controlling hair width
  • Importing Alembic hair from external assets with all information intact
  • New Adopt External Guides operator to use a separate guides object for controlling pre-modeled hair
  • New Weaver and Weaver Pattern for generating woven hairs such as in rattan furniture, wire fences, or cloth
  • New SeExpr support for generating strand data in flexible ways while being able to access internal strand information
  • Support for 3dsmax native Arnold renderer
  • New Elastic brushes and editing modes, allowing easier modification of hair as a volume
  • Better optimized strand movement in Edit Guides, including automatic resampling
  • Direct isolation and editing of hairs
  • Ability to blend hairs which were grounded, allowing full control over their shapes
  • Procedural Animation recording directly to Alembic files
  • Automatic grounding of baked hair and multiplied hair
  • Ability to load up to 5 Alembic files into the same hair object at the same time
  • UV-base flow for hair from mesh strips
  • Ability to scale strands uniformly in Length modifier
  • New texture-based strand data generation method
  • Option to export per-vertex velocities to hair Alembic files
  • Hundreds of other improvements to existing features

For a complete list of new features please see the "What's new in V6" page of Ornatrix 3dsmax documentation. New perpetual licenses are available for purchase.

If you purchased Ornatrix 3dsmax V5 within past 6 months (or after July 1, 2018) you get a free upgrade to this new version! Please log in to make sure your automatic upgrade was completed successfully.

All existing Ornatrix license owners get a 50% upgrade discount if purchased before February 12, 2019. After this date the upgrade discount will drop to 25% perpetually.

Thank you for using our products and supporting our ambitions to bring you the cutting edge in grooming and simulation tools. If you have any questions please reply to this email or contact us through our website or Facebook.

Yours truly,

Ephere Team

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Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)