Introducing The Zoo, Zookeeper 1.2, and more

Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:9 February 2010

We have been working hard on bringing you yet another milestone in the Zookeeper project, it is called The Zoo. The Zoo is a web repository of many different procedural templates and assets for use in your scenes through Zookeeper. It is now freely available to all of our current and future customers!

The Zoo is the reason why over the past few weeks we have been concentrating development towards templates and their functionality within Zookeeper. We believe this to be an important feature which could save our customers hours of hard work through readily available parametric highly functional scene asset. Go over them, check out the video, and see for yourself!

Zookeeper 1.2 (now available) boasts a myriad of improvements and additions over 1.1. Some of these include GUI improvements while the majority are improvements related to templates. To make sure that all users get to try The Zoo with Zookeeper's template features we have removed restrictions for template scene nodes. Demo version of Zoo keeper can now import templates from the web the same way fully commercial version does, however, you still need to have the full version to look inside the generated composite nodes. The node limit has also been increased to 10 nodes.

We are planning on growing The Zoo service with new content constantly so check up often and let us know what you think! This is just one of the ways we would like to show our commitment to the Zookeeper project.

If you are interested in Zookeeper please let us know! You can purchase a commercial license before March 15'th at a discounted rate (20% off).

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)