Polyline generator plug-ins

Polyline generator plug-ins generate a polyline mesh given a set of input parameters. Polyline meshes produce a set of polygonal curves. They differ from polygon meshes by the fact that they do not produce surfaces but curves instead. A polyline generator plug-in's job is to act as a black box that defines and accepts a list of parameters of various types and outputs a PolylineMesh3 object.

For example, consider the following function:

PolylineMesh3 MyPolylineGenerator( float width, float height, bool flag )
	return new PolylineMesh3();

This function generates a new PolylineMesh3 object given three parameters: width, height, and a flag. Coden will automatically classify this function as a polyline mesh generator plug-in because its output type is a PolylineMesh3.

Writing polyline plug-ins is similar in almost all respects to writing polygon mesh plug-ins. Therefore, for additional information please refer to the polygon mesh plug-in documentation.